Hol(y)day Schemas

Quarter Days (Anglo-Saxon):  the Cosmic Holidays (Heaven/Earth/Underworld)

Lady Day – Beautiful Mind:  Love and Creativity (Fairies, Moon, and Mary’s “Let it Be”) Love

Midsummer – Wild Body:  Desire and Strength (Sun, Midsummer Pole, Phallus, Werewolves)  Sex

Michaelmas – Soul Journey:  Courage and Wisdom (Angel and Dragon; Salamander)  (“Angel or Dragon – a choice we make.”) Heroes

Yule – Spirit Birth:  Holy and Divine (Virgin and Child)  God(s).  (God becomes us; we become God; Ego dissolved.)

Cross-Quarter Days (Celtic):  the Domestic Holidays (Home/Family/Life Stages)

Candlemas – Birth, Innocence, and Childhood (Milk and Candles) – Tower.  Virgin

Beltaine – Couplehood and Fertility (Flowers and Cloth ties) – Tent  Lover

Lammas – Family, Kinship and Community (Bread) – Farm Parent

Samhain – Death and Memory (Jack-o-lantern and fire) – Forest – Crone/Sage

Christian Year:  the Ethical Holidays (Journey from Selfish to Selfless)

Christmas:  God born within

Lent:  Stripping the Ego

Holy Week:  Betrayal and death

Easter:  Resurrection and Enlightenment

Pentecost:  Gathered into Community