Ten Healing Alternatives to Consumer Culture

To know:

1. That living lightly on the Earth and gently with each other is much more important than appearance, affluence, and achievement.

2. That healthy living requires not only creativity, action, and good work but also rest and relaxation, so that our work can be productive rather than compulsive.

3. That is much more important to be a good parent, be a good neighbor, and be a good person than to have a successful career, particularly if “success” is defined purely in monetary terms.

4. That truly good work does not consist in making money or in exploiting natural resources, but rather in serving others, often without being noticed.

5. That helping others, and dwelling in solidarity with people in need, is more important than prosperity in the suburbs.

6. That compulsive shopping is a symptom of disease, not a cure for depression.

7. That the world is not a global marketplace, but rather a gorgeous planet, filled with many creatures, each of whom is loved by God on its own terms and for its own sake, and each of whom contains God within.

8. That happiness lies not necessarily in “having my needs met,” but rather in living simply and in service to others.

9. That the universe is a communion of subjects, not a collection of objects.

10. That we are not on our own, because the universe is enfolded within an ultimate grace that renders questions of “success” and “failure” irrelevant.

-Jay McDaniel, from Living from the Center, p. 63