Glossary of Imaginary Words

happyling /HA-pih-leen/ (v): (1) being or doing something in a happy way; (n) 1. a happy event

Sample Sentence v (1): He was happyling along the road.

Sample Sentence n (1): My birthday was quite the happyling.

javenation (n): (1) the state of being rejuvenated by coffee; (2) [proper noun – capitalized] the social, quasi-political entity comprised of those whose primary allegiance is the consumption and fetishization of coffee.

Sample Sentence (1): After four cups of joe, Chris finally experienced the javenation he craved.

Sample Sentence (2): The Javenation has been exploiting the people and resources of the developing world for over three centuries.

snarkicism (n): a sarcastic or disrespectful yet witty remark [formed by combining “snarky” with “witticism”]

Sample sentence: Her snarkicism made me want to laugh and cry at the same time.


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