An Idiosyncratic Gallery of Anachronisms


Take a memo. . .

letter rackLetter rack: a place to put all the handwritten (or type-written) letters you receive.


Grown-ups.  Once found almost everywhere.

“To Potential Readers:  This is a book just like any other book.  But I would be happy if it were read only by people whose outlook is fully formed.  People who know that an approach—to anything whatsoever—must be carried out gradually and laboriously, that it must traverse even the very opposite of what is being approached.” -Clarice Lispector, Preface to The Passion According to G.H.

old man radio

Classic Radio Shows (Podcasts of 1930s-1940s radio)

1920s and 1930s Music – Radio Dismuke, Streaming Radio

aprium pie May 2013

a pie bird (in homemade pie)