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(bûr’ō, bŭr’ō): (n.) 1. A hole or tunnel dug in the ground by a small animal, such as a rabbit or mole, for habitation or refuge. 2. A narrow or snug place. (v.intr.) 1.a. To dig a hole or tunnel for habitation or refuge. 1.b. To live or hide in such a place. 2. To move or progress by or as if by digging or tunneling.

Here we are, digging. This is a soil-shifting project. We are digging here. Oh, sometimes we just sit in one of the dark and moist chambers, maybe light a candle and start a conversation. “Mother’s sandwiches were excellent; she was the tomato queen.” We start talking about death. K says that he is not afraid of dying – or hardly as afraid as he was the first time. And Neftali, too, has changed his mind. He only wants chocolate now. He won’t touch the croissants unless they are chocolate-filled.


Mole at the Podium: On the Need to Open the Burrow to the Public:

Permit me a few self-important observations in an oracular vein: To be profound, one must run the risk of being thought boring. To be relevant, one must run the risk of being thought ordinary. For what is most significant and extraordinary at first glance is often merely pose.

Einstein said that we should strive to make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler. Rilke said that the universe conspires to make things easy, but we need people who are willing to strive for what is difficult.

These things are most necessary because they are so rarely expressed. A person can hold a rare truth in her hands without even knowing it. Sadly, a community can allow a rare truth to slip from its hands without ever noticing it is gone. I think of the Christians.

Oh, my God. The Christians.

Do you begin to understand the need for burrowing?

How else to make holy things common without trivializing or desacralizing them? To maintain humility and a respect for the mystery of sacred subjects, but not for egotistically willful hermeticism? To make the mystery accessible without commodifying it? To help people to know the truth on a gut-level, to invite each person to do the hard work and overcome the difficulties. . .to receive the Kingdom of God?


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