Preach it, Bruce!

This article (“Young, Restless, Reformed,” Christianity Today, September) confirms my understanding of Calvinist doctrine, that:

* The all-powerful God, who presumably can save any and all that he chooses to, has chosen to save only a limited number of sinners.
*Through this arbitrary exercise of sovereignty, he brings great glory to himself.
*I am to rejoice in my position among the elect without undue anxiety about those who didn’t happen to be chosen as I was.
*God truly loves me, even though he chose me without reference to who I am or anything about me.

I guess I must have been pretty lucky! So why do I feel so bad? I have translated the Bible into two languages of Mexico. If I thought that the above is what the Bible teaches, I would feel even worse.”

— Bruce Hollenback; Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca.

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