Goodbye, Blog – as if you even cared

This article convinced me to take a different approach to my blog: Goodbye, Blog

I was already leaning towards de-emphasizing the daily entry format – everything in my personality militates against mixing the trivial and the profound in a swirl of daily slop. If I keep it up, it will be more in the stream-of-consciousness mode that the blog format faciliates. Hence the new title for this page of chronological posts. . . As if you even cared.

I am not going to pretend that I have any new information to offer anyone. I will just keep pouring what I know into the tunnels of this burrow – but you must do some excavation of your own. No true voyeur is fully content even when the curtains are wide open. Admit it: the silhouette is the most intriguing mode of mediation. I will go back to playing shadow puppets with Plato.

My conscience is already lighter. I have begged no readers, enticed none, and now seem to be positively writing them

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